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We want to help you incorporate your title team and help you farm, which means identifying the right market segment and the right people through which to convey your message—whether that means the neighborhood, looking for owner absentee, owner-occupied, landlords, etc. Whatever marketplace segment you’re looking to target, we can find it for you.

We’re not talking buckwheat and hay bales here. Whether it’s a GeoFarm, ideological farm, or lead-drive farm, we’ll help you get the data to get your message to your audience. That’s what your title provider does, and we’re ready to get started for you. In a way, farming means planting the seeds, and getting appointments is akin to harvesting the fruit. Put another way, prospecting is like hunting so you can eat tonight, and farming is so you can have some veggies with your meal.

Hit us up so we can put a strategy together for your target audience and get your message out to the people. We look forward to hearing from you.