Explaining the closing process title goes through with every transaction.

We’re heading into the summer selling season in San Diego County, and it should be a crazy year. People will be moving in and out of state constantly, so today we want to discuss how we navigate the closing process. 

There are a ton of moving parts when it comes to closing. Once the buyer signs the loan documents, they are sent to the lender, who puts the document into escrow. From there, they wire the funds to the title and make sure escrow gets all the necessary documents for closing. The lender needs to do this quickly since there’s a hard deadline at 3 p.m. for most county recorders’ offices. 

We always go the extra mile to get things done as fast as possible.

Once title receives the documents, we check to make sure there are no notary errors and that the grant deed matches the mortgage. We also run our final date down to make sure no liens or anything else has occurred since our first check. Lenders run a credit check at the last minute to ensure their buyers haven’t bought a car or added any more debt before wiring the funds, and this is our version of the same process. In short, we check the buyer’s and seller’s names, do our due diligence on closing the file, get funds from the lender, send the file to the county, and wait to get that county recording stamped. 

We do many things to help you close the transaction. We wanted to go over this because often, people don’t know what’s happening, so they just tell us to make it work. We always go the extra mile to get things done as fast as possible, but not every aspect of the process is in our control. It’s a miracle most closings go as smoothly as they do!

Fortunately, we have a great team here. Over 90% of our closings go off without a hitch, and it all comes down to the fantastic work we do on the back end. When you need something done, we are there for you.

This is a complicated topic, so if you have questions, please call or email us. We’d love to talk to you!