Explaining why our Net Sheet app will help agents help buyer’s anxiety.


Buyers are at a premium these days, but we have tools, resources, and technological applications to help agents with buyer clients. At Ticor, we offer a Net Sheet app, which lets you run your sellers’ and buyers’ net sheet apps.


That means you can give estimated closing costs amd estimated payments at today’s rate and what they’d be in a lower-rate environment. This way you can compare and contrast, so you can get buyers over that fear.


It’s important to tell buyers that rates are a little higher right now, but that there’s less competition and less demand. The thing you can change is the rate in the future. You can’t change the rate that you buy the home for, and you can’t change the sales price.


“We have the tools to help you with our Net Sheet app.”


Rates will go down. They’re not going to stay this way because the market’s always changing. It’s great to have this tool to show buyers that they’re not stuck. Now, buyers have the opportunity to get into a house and live there. It’s not your forever home if you’re a first-time buyer, so it gives people a vision of what they can do in the future.


Prices are coming down, and it’s time to buy. Everybody wants to buy when rates come down, but when rates come down, everybody buys. Now the prices go up, so go against the traffic and buy. You’ll get more house right now in terms of size. The affordability index is up, and your rate is a little higher. But you can change your rate. You can’t change the sales price. 


Our tool Net Sheet app can help you measure today’s rate, as well as what buyer’s payments and closing costs will be, versus what it might look like in a 3% to 5% rate environment in the future.


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