These are the three reasons why title insurance is so important.

Have you ever considered whether or not to get title insurance? This is a big question, and too many people take it lightly. To help you make the decision, we are here with the top three reasons why title insurance is so important: 


1. It removes liability. Title insurance will help you remove the liability from the principles of the transaction and the agents representing those principles. In short, the seller and their agent aren’t on the chopping block anymore; the title company is. Things can get missed, these transactions are done by imperfect human beings, so it’s important to remove liability from yourself. 


“Title insurance can provide peace of mind.”

2. Sellers can gain protection. With title insurance, you can protect yourself. This will make sure there has been no fraudulent activity with the deed. It happens too often when there is activity with the property that the seller doesn’t know about. Title insurance will protect the seller from that and give the buyer a deed with a clean bill of health. 

3. Buyers will get a guarantee. You can have a guarantee that the buyer in the transaction will be protected with the deed. We take pride in being able to give a buyer that peace of mind, knowing they’ll be getting a clean title. 


These are the top three reasons why title insurance is so important. If you want to gain that peace of mind, reach out to us, and we can help. Call or email us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you!