Warm calls you’ll want to make to past clients, friends & family to increase referral and repeat business… plus Ninja social posts that will endear your clients to you…

In this video we go over the top five activities ever real estate pro should do daily centered around education, mental, spiritual and physical balance, growth and business building… daily activities can waterfall into massive results – get started today!

01:00 #1: Not so cold cold calls. Calling through your sphere of influence to discuss holiday interaction, things happening in their lives, or just to ask how they are doing. 

01:21 #2: Calling the people that engage with you on social media. Who is commenting, asking questions, or sharing your posts. Ask them about what they liked about your post. 

03:12 #3: Call your sphere on their anniversary and birthday. Get voice to voice with them. These calls are a pattern interupt and a seperating proposition. 

04:50 #4: Call your homeowners on their “housiversary.” Most agents don’t do this. You put all these buyers into homes. Call them and let them tell you about all of the fun things that have happened in their home. Deepen those relationship and stay top-of-mind.

05:50 #5: Mommy & Me, sports groups, and other groups. Contact us for a list of warm call ideas. 

Ninja Tips for Social Media Engagement: How to Increase Your Viral Coefficiency.

06:33  What does this mean? Your “Viral Coefficiency” are the Likes, Shares, Comments and Engagements on your posts. 

06:50 Avoid the ME ME ME Syndrom. Instead post engaging posts about life events and about your audience. 

07:15 Jason Casidy posted a perfect example of this. He posted a pole on his Facebook asking his audience, “If he should eat the cake in the refrigerator?” His engagements were 

07:53 Another great idea we saw on Facebook. “Take a tour of my favorite part of this home.” Take your audience to the feature of the home that is your favorite. Convert from the “just listed” to more of Martha Stewart or Fix or Flip style post. 

08:44 Tell a story. Vulnerability sells. Your job is to stop the thumb from scrolling.

09:05 Do it through video. 80%+ of content is consumed through the play button. 

09:22 Do video answers to your audiences questions on your business page. 

10:05 The last NINJA TIP OF THE DAY…. Optimizing your events. Put videos in your event. Update with Eventbright. 

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