How to Set Yourself up for Success with 5 Daily Tasks

In this video we go over the top five activities ever real estate pro should do daily centered around education, mental, spiritual and physical balance, growth and business building… daily activities can waterfall into massive results – get started today!

00:18 5 things you can do whether you’re a brand new agent or an agent doing 100 deals a year. 

00:49 #1: Wake Up Early. Set aside extra time for yourself in the morning to get your mindset right. 

02:11 #2: Meet Someone New. Whether it’s on social media or in line at the DMV. There is someone around you who don’t know you every single day. Change that. 

03:44 #3: Drive Your Neighborhood. You have to know everything you can about your product. Driving your farm [community] and study everything that is happening in that area. That is your product. 

05:45 #4: Post To Social Media Daily.  We hare huge Gary V and social media fans. Tell your story. Utilize Facebook’s under-priced retargeting to get in front of your audience. 

07:12 #5: Educate Yourself Daily. Fill your mind up with positive, educational information from a podcast to audiobooks. Learn from those experts. 

Start implementing these 5 tips into your daily routine and you are guaranteed to see changes in your life, and your production.

Your energy goes where your focus goes. 

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