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What’s Trending in San Diego

Watch and listen as Ryan and Haylie are back at it touching base on the hottest real estate trends this season! 00:50 #1 – VA – VA loans are at an incredible 2.75% or even possibly lower as well as service members having access to really...

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Controlling the Narrative

Watch as Ryan and Haylie dissect how to properly take power in the narrative and conversation between you and the client! 01:20 #1 – Self Talk – The first narrative we have to control is OUR OWN. Stop the negative self talk and you will start...

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Finish. Finish. Finish.

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Watch as Ryan and Haylie dig deep into how to maintain focus on finishing strong on your action item list! 00:55 #1 – Be Intentional – Go through your checklist of to-do's and DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Take genuine care of the nitty gritty tasks...

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4 Videos for Real Estate Pros to Master

What videos should Real Estate professionals master? Watch as we go over the best place to start your video journey in real estate 00:35 #1 – Introduction Video – Humanize your brand to get your message across to the masses and why what you are...

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Jolting Your Business in 2020

With the 2019 holiday season behind us, let's get prepared to move full speed ahead on the 2020 train to success. 02:05 #1 – Sphere, Sphere, Sphere – Lean into the relationships of trust and mutual respect for the nature of the business. A...

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Grow Your Geo-Targeting & Business Expansion

Let's get into the real nitty gritty regarding your business expansion in the new year 02:05 #1 – Geo-Farming – Ask yourself where you have the most influence, what is the turnover ratio in my radius?? 05:15 #2 – Stacking – Layer your outreach...

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